• For institutions such as universities, colleges, and industry association

    We are here help you to

    Research, Launch and Manage

    We research and launch new programme; and manage it to achieve higher than average class size and student retention.

    Design and Produce Instructional Video

    We leverages the latest technologies such as AI to produce high quality videos and multimedia for instruction.

    Develop and Deliver Online Classes

    We transform digital education delivery to give learners the same quality of an on campus program with better student retention.


    We understand how student engage when studying online, thus we develop an inhouse LMS affordable for institution for effective online learning experience

    Assessment Platform

    We use world class proctored exam solutions to help our learning institution partners, organizations, and government entities with final exam, certification and licensure exams.

    Develop and Deliver Online Conferences

    We transform how seminars or conferences are digitally delivered for better engagement and better content management

    Generate Leads and Recruit Learners

    We generate hundred of thousand qualified leads for our learning institution partners. Moreover, we help recruit learners because we understand that learners are the lifeline of a learning institution.

  • For trainers such as teachers, trainers, motivators, professors

    We are here help you to

    Publish your own online course

    If you’re migrating your learning materials from another platform, have existing content but need help repurposing it into an online course, or are unsure of how to design your curriculum to best suit your students’ needs—we are your go-to folks for your content migration, course setup, and curriculum design needs.

    Design your course website

    If you require assistance in creating your website and course landing page, are looking for a highly customized site experience, or need help bridging your existing website and course landing page—we specialize in site setup, web development, and website design.

    Enroll students

    If you’re wanting to drive more relevant traffic to your online course, looking to attract leads and turn them into paying customers, or wanting to level up with a brand refresh—we are the cream of the crop when it comes to ramping up your marketing, customer acquisition, and branding efforts.

    Customize your course

    Want to expand the capabilities of your online courses by connecting your existing systems and favorite tools to your LMS with the support of our skilled Technical Implementation Experts?

  • For adult learners with relevant work experiences

    We are here help you to

    Enroll in an undergraduate programme

    We enroll adult learners in MQA accredited diploma and degree programme designed for busy lifestyles.

    Enroll in a postgraduate programme

    We enroll adult learners in MQA accredited masters programme designed for busy lifestyles.

    Get into University without SPM

    We help adults learners uses their working experience as entry to undergraduate programme. Those age 21 and above without SPM may apply direct to diploma or degree.

    Get a MBA without a Degree

    We help adults learners uses their managerial experience as entry to postgraduate programme. Those age 30 and above without a degree but with STPM/ Diploma/ Foundation/ Matriculation may apply direct to masters.

    Convert work experience into a diploma or university credits

    We help adult learners convert their work experience into a fully accredited diploma without classes or convert into university credit to transfer into degree or masters programme.

    Upskill and Retrain

    We help adult learners upskills and retrain with new skills for new industries via our vast online short courses listing.

  • Programme Marketplace

  • We are

    SKC Education Group

    Vision and Mission

    We are committed to help our learning institution partners and our adult learners achieve their full potentials.


    We partner with Malaysia's best learning institutions and industry certification bodies to offer accredited programme.


    We utilize world best marketing and education technologies to get best result for our learning institution partners and adult learners. Our inhouse MylearnX LMS is built with institution and students in mind.

    Assessment Platform

    We use world class proctored exam solutions to help our learning institution partners, organizations, and government entities with final exam, certification and licensure exams.

    Digital Classroom

    We manage and deliver engaged digital lecture and provide comprehensive after-class service to ensure high adult learners retention.

    Marketing Automation

    We use automation to generate hundred of thousands of sales leads and recruit thousands of learners for our learning institution partners

  • Who we are

    Leaders lead, managers manage

    M. Faiz Ahmed

    The Head Honcho/ Senior Learning Developer

    Can’t stop and won’t stop, like the song. That’s probably why I Phone is his best friend. Running on distinctive drive and having a relentless vision, he will cross the finish line and continue sprinting on for miles. An economic graduate with an MBA on his belt, this man is known as the whiteboard man. At least that's what his students call him. He needs at least three whiteboards to teach.



    Firdaus Fitri Zainal Abidin

    The Muscle/ Senior Technologist

    Also known as "Abang Sado" and "the Magician". He moves things around, brings forward new ideas, stirs people up, and just like a magician, brings magic and then disappeared into the thin air . This PhD candidate loves his community, his family and his 5 hours a week time in the gym.

  • Who we are

    Greatest human achievements come from working well as a team

    Nor Nazeriah Nordin

    Senior Manager

    Salim Abdul Ghaffar

    Senior Manager

    Muhammad Faruqi Ahmad


    Aidasofi Ismail

    Learning Management

    Nornadia Zamri

    Learning Management

    Nur Ain Abdullah

    Accounts and Admin

    Nur Suhaila Hasimi

    Accounts and Admin

    Ruslan Khamis

    Programme Coordinator

    Masita Dimin

    Programme Coordinator

    Fazil Bin Ahmad

    Programme Coordinator

    Mohd Fazli Zahari


    Aziemah Ramli


  • Getting to know our learners

    Our greatest partners are our learners

    Our clients are private and public universities looking to diversify themselves in term of delivering and marketing their program using education and digital technologies. Moreover, our learners are a variety bunch. They came from diverse industries varying from oil and gas to banking to airlines. They rank from junior to senior level ranking officers. Whoever they are, you can expect a fun filled, knowledge instilling experience in your education programme journey be it offline or online. We are, regardless of age and social stature, 'budak kampung' at heart.

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