We are not just an education technology company.

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    We are an award winning education technology and marketing specialist striving to help others achieve their best. Using the best technologies for learning management system, content development, digital lecture delivery and marketing, we collaborate with the best minds, the best universities, and the most relevant industry partners.

    We offer our expertise in helping universities and colleges develop from scratch marketable traditional and online education programme, plan well research marketing strategy, implement data oriented sales strategy, and deliver result based sales of education programme.

    As for the learners, we offer education and training programs best suited for their personal and career development be it face-to-face learning, online learning or blended learning. We are also committed in assisting all of our clients throughout their program. Come, talk to us or visit us, lets find out how we can work together.

  • For Universities, Colleges and Professional Institutes

    If you are looking for a partner to work on your traditional or online education programme, we seek to meet your needs. We understand that developing, launching and managing education and training programme can be an arduous task.

    So, we invite you to start that journey with us.


    Accredited Academic Program by Malaysia's Best Universities



    We partner with the best universities in Malaysia and well sought after global certification bodies in providing career rewarding education program for you. Whats 'education' and 'training' you asked? Education is a more long term and more structured learning program. Suitable for your long term learning needs. You have a choice of face to face learning, online learning or blended learning.





    Learner Focused Digital Education Developer



    Together with our universities partners, we work to develop the best digital education for our learners. Our platform is a comprehensive fusion of digital technology and services to give our learners the same quality of our universities' partners campus based education program.




    End to End Digital Marketing and Sales Services



    Any great story begins with a small step. The first step in marketing is to identify and understanding the target customer. With customer being wired to the digital world,




  • For Learners

    If you are looking for either for a traditional or online education programme for yourself or your organization, we seek to meet your learning needs. We know that selecting a programme can be an arduous task.

    So, we invite you to start that journey with us.


    Accredited Academic Program by Malaysia's Best Universities


    Accredited Academic Program by Malaysia's Best Universities


    M. Faiz Ahmed

    The Head Honcho/ Senior Learning Developer

    Can’t stop and won’t stop, like the song. That’s probably why I Phone is his best friend. Running on distinctive drive and having a relentless vision, he will cross the finish line and continue sprinting on for miles. An economic graduate with an MBA on his belt, this man is known as the whiteboard man. At least that's what his students call him. He needs at least three whiteboards to teach.



    Firdaus Fitri Zainal Abidin

    The Muscle/ Senior Technologist

    Also known as "Abang Sado" and "the Magician". He moves things around, brings forward new ideas, stirs people up, and just like a magician, brings magic and then disappeared into the thin air . This PhD candidate loves his community, his family and his 5 hours a week time in the gym.

    Azahar Wahid

    The Marketing Man

    The man with the suave. That's why he deals with the hard stuff. You can count on him to be there when needed. Having more than 20 years experience in handling people, this UTM Alumni has real passion in helping people focus and grow in their pursuits.

    Ahmad Nubli Muhammad

    The Process Technology Man

    This UPM trained engineer is a problem solver. A great initiator yet some call him the disrupter. Like to question the status quo. Lets makes this better he says. Process oriented.

    Nor Nazeriah Nordin

    The Administrative Backbone

    Known as the anchor person. She displays sheer dedication to motivate the whole team to give their best service to our customers. Expect to hear and see her as she moves beyond the call of duty to help. It's always good to have someone like her around.

    Aidasofi Ismail

    The Learning Manager

    She works in silence, honest and is responsible. As the gatekeeper, she bears the headache so you can get the information you need on time, and she helps you complete your program on time, with the least hassle. She makes UITM alumni proud for her excellent services.

    Mohd Fadzli Hanapiah

    The Tech and Analytics Man

    An engineering graduate that brings numbers back in marketing. The bright light that brings order in chaotic surrounding. Respects for his persistence and work ethics. Always helpful, always ready.

    Ruslan Khamis

    The Sales Royalty

    Tactful is a word to describe this man. Always around, always ready. Don't be deceived by his charming smile. He is witty with a sunny personality. As the front-liner, expect him to be accessible from his multiple arrays of smartphones, big and small.

    Salim Abdul Ghaffar

    Senior Program Coordinator (Kelana Jaya Branch)

    We call him 'the Super Sub'. Charming, soft spoken and very accommodating. It is always a great pleasure to have him in any team Always thinking for others. Always ready for selfless sacrifice.

    Masita Dimin

    Program Coordinator (Johor Bahru Branch)

    A social activist and a mathematic enthusiast. Life focus is on serving her community and family. Dedicated to her duties. Dependable on delivering responsibilities.

    Arifah Ahmad

    Program Coordinator (Johor Bahru)

    A quiet and reserved person. A good listener with eagerness to make a different. Has immense passion for writing. Life has taught her to be independent and versatile. A very talented individual. A team player all the way.

    Ahmad Yiromezee Yaacob

    Program Coordinator (Kelana Jaya Branch)

    First impression, a very reserved and quiet person. But, we like to see him as our 'Rambo'. This UiTM graduate will go the extra miles to get things done. Very much experienced in sales, he is a person any sales team would like to have.

    Ikmarl Mahathir

    Program Coordinator (Kelana Jaya Branch)

    If Superman was a Malaysian, this is the one. Not for his strength but for his ability to go the the distance for his passion. Plus, he knows everything there are about Superheroes. Our own in-house superhero likes to find humor from life experience.

    Mohd Fazli Zahari


    A focused and goal oriented individual. Get job done. A go to guy. Great personality with eagerness to deliver and perform.



    Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, Penang and Kota Kinabalu

    Executive Diploma in Engineering Business Management

    Executive Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health

    Executive Diploma in Facility Management


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    Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, Penang and Kota Kinabalu

    Master of Business Administration (Online)

    Master of Management (Online)

    Bachelor of Business Administration (Business Analytics) (Online)

    Bachelor of Management (Online)


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    Our clients are private and public universities looking to diversify themselves in term of delivering and marketing their program using digital technologies. Moreover, our learners are a variety bunch. They came from diverse industries varying from oil and gas to banking to airlines. They rank from junior to senior level ranking officers. Whoever they are, you can expect a fun filled, knowledge instilling experience in your education programme journey be it offline or online. We are, regardless of age and social stature, 'budak kampung' at heart.

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